Hello there.

To me, directing is cinematic design. Another medium for visual communication in my multi tiered toolbox. With my background in design, animation, and visual effects, my approach to storytelling is rooted in the desire to explore, block, light and create the perfect frame. That said…I've got a highly absurdist sense of humor, and I relish the weird and wonderful. The convergence of high concept, idea driven, character stories with purposeful design or visuals is where I really shine.

I’m a performance director with comedy chops but I was born into the biz as a creative director and designer. I’ve designed or directed projects for many different studios in my career including: Flavor, We Are Royale, Stardust, Los York, Logan, Buck, Superfad, Roger, and Imaginary Forces to name just a few. I quickly rose through the ranks and took the lead role as a creative director, managing teams of talented artists to help make amazing things. My background gives me the ability to take projects from concept all the way through post and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I’m after those projects that make people laugh. Irreverent and silly, yes, but grounded in a real life. Relatable, while hilarious, and sometimes jusssst a little bit stupid. I wrote, directed and won awards for a short film about horny ghosts in bed sheets that haunt a suburban family to the point of a sexorcism, just to see if I could.

Collaboration throughout the entire process is always my approach. I honor the creativity and contribution of others, giving fellow artists the space to do their thing. In the end, I’m just the guy trying my best not to laugh during a take.




Design and Creative Direction: Cookerama.com 

Email: jason@cookfilm.net